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There are a small number of sites out there that cull information for those traveling with children better than most. Rather than recreate the wheel, we'd like to give props where props are due and make sure our traveling families have found these great resources. If you haven't visited already, they're worth a look:
  • - One of the most complete listings of useful articles and links available on the web, authored by recognized Family Travel Expert, Anya Clowers, RN: Your short list for official travel links (passport information, car seat regulations, lap child queries). Excellent new blog with resources, product reviews and safety tips every parent should read.

  • - Nominated for Best Travel Blog, this wonderfully rich blog site contains first-family accounts of traveling with children of all ages. Favorite reads include interviews with world traveling moms like Carmel ("Our two youngest had both been to over 43 states and three countries before their third birthdays") and Kayt ("Chet ...has traveled to nearly 20 countries - and he's only three years old!"). The mission of the site is "Inspiring You to Explore" and we are addicted!

  • - Founder Amie O'Shaughnessy has built a website tailor-made for traveling families, designed specifically "to provide family-focused advice, direction, and useful accommodation information." Highly recommended if your family is headed to Europe, Hawaii or the Caribbean and are looking for quality rentals for families or groups with kids. Don't miss the Community Reviews!

  • - One of our new favorite sites. Written also by a traveling mother, with gems of ideas like Ten Great Travel Toys You Already Own, Babyproofing Your Hotel Room and Traveling with Others.

  • - Travel with Toddler expert advice, parent community message boards, and a well-organized reference listing.

  • - Site of syndicated family travel columnist, mom, author and world traveler Eileen Ogintz. Articles, blogs, parent comments and a complete list of useful travel links, as well as destination-specific family travel guides.

  • - It's a Community for all travelers, including Family Travel Blogs, Advice and Groups. It is a wonderful, committed group of travelers. Best of all, the moderator of the Family Travel group has little ones of his own he is taking everywhere he can (and reporting back)!

  • - New site for traveling families. Co-founders Jennie and Mia have a high quality travel gear & accessories shop, relevant links and a relationship with a top family travel agent. This up and coming site is one to keep an eye on.

  • - Air travel tips and travel gear reviews. Their Links page is easy to navigate, and of particular interest to those families who are planning longer trips or moves (includes expat info, airlines and airports, etc.)

EVERY Child Can Be A Good Little Travler!

Links to recommended articles - each emphasizing the need to involve children in preparation for the trip

Packing and Pre-Trip Considerations.
Links to our
favorite checklists.

Tools (DVDs & Books) to Prepare Toddlers for Travel, , plus Travel Toys & Games and Gear for Parents Blog

Despite the overwhelming amount of information out there for parents wanting to travel with children, most of it is presented without considering the kiddos.

We are always on the lookout for articles, sites, products, books that recognize that children - even toddlers! - have the capacity to understand what to expect, what is expected of them, and to play an active role in the journey itself. is chock full of tips and tricks for flying with toddlers, parent guides and family travelogues, gear and gadgets (for kiddos and parents), travel stories for children, gifts to encourage little adventurers and travel toys & games for toddlers on the plane.

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