Little Lima Bean Productions is committed to quality children's programming, with complementary tools and merchandise to enhance your child's travel experience. The business was started by Scotty Kober, a world traveling mom who didn't want to stop traveling just because she had a child! Planning an international trip with a 3-year-year old wasn't as daunting as finding something - anything - to help prepare her little girl for the journey ... and thus the I'm A Good Little Traveler!™ DVD Toolkit™ Series and Shae by Air were created.

Even now, the bulk of the advice and information about traveling with toddlers is strictly for parents. And most of that advice is negatively headlined and limited to distracting kids and making the best of what is assumed will be a difficult and stressful journey. At Little Lima Bean Productions, we disagree with that premise entirely.

How can anyone expect children to be well behaved - especially when traveling - if the children don't know what to expect and what is expected of them? Parents know that
when children understand what to expect and what is expected of them, they are always much better behaved. What was Scotty hoping to find and buy for Shae before their grueling international trip that would prepare her then 3-year-old for such a long flight? The answer is: the Shae by Air DVD Toolkit™.

Shae by Air is a
live action story for children, told from their perspective, shot at their height, including them in the trip preparation and familiarizing them with air travel environments (the airport, the airplane cabin) by demonstrating appropriate behavior in a fun, creative way.

Developed in conjunction with child development specialists and travel professionals, the Shae by Air DVD Toolkit™ lets little children
see a good example set, hear the process explained in words that encourage, not frighten, and gives them the ability to do something - to be a part of the trip. The DVD comes with the packing list that 3-year-old Shae uses in the movie, as well as two luggage tags. Helping pack makes it Shae's trip too, not just something she is dragged along on.

A month after Shae by Air was created, Shae and her mom found themselves traveling 11 1/2 hours, including one emergency landing, a second stopover and the longest sprint through Denver's C Terminal to get them (in the nick of time!) onto the small jet plane bound for South Dakota. Shae was a pro. She even cited her own movie as she sat in her seat and she fastened her seatbelt, reminding her mom that she had to keep her feet to herself! Ideally the film will be as helpful to other small children. Based on our
reviews to date, we're on the right track.

Look for additional titles and travel merchandise coming soon.

Thank you for your business, and have a wonderful trip!

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"I quite enjoy the challenge of finding things that will keep DD occupied for as long as possible. I also use a DVD called Shae by Air ... which DD watches before long flights to remind her how to behave! It's quite American but it's helped us a lot, especially with seat kicking. I'm a good little traveller . It's especially for toddlers."
- arfishymeau (UK)

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